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FUTURELIFE® is a functional food company with a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone by helping them to make the right nutritional choices in their daily lives.

They are South Africa’s first and only scientifically formulated, balanced, nutrient dense food to contain Moducare®. All FUTURELIFE® products are also high in Energy, Protein and Dietary Fibre, and contain Calcium, Iron, Selenium, Zinc, essential vitamins and minerals, 19 Amino Acids and Omega 3+6.

Currently the FUTURELIFE® range consists of various different products that can be incorporated into a healthy meal plan anytime of the day as a meal, snack, shake or smoothie. Their current products that are endorsed by DSA (Diabetes South Africa) and carry the LOW GI logo endorsed by GIFSA (GI Foundation of South Africa) are FUTURELIFE® SMARTFOOD, FUTURELIFE® HIGH PROTEIN and FUTURELIFE® ZERO. Due to the low GI formulation of these products they can be enjoyed by those living with Diabetes in the correct recommended portion sizes and with regular blood sugar monitoring.

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