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My son, my inspiration!

When my son Duncan was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 5 years, I felt as if the whole world came crashing down on me. It felt as if life had ended. I didn’t know what type 1 diabetes was, nor did I know what insulin was! What I did know was …


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The theme of World Diabetes Day 2017 is Women and diabetes - our right to a healthy future
YWD always strives to empower young women, living with diabetes, towards better control and a healthier lifestyle.
eNuus Kyknet interviewed Lize Sappie Van Dorsten today. Although Lize was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at a very young age, she still lives a healthy and active life, as any other young adult without diabetes .
This will be broadcasted on eNuus at 19h00b tonight or over the weekend
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Celebrate World Diabetes Day with us today by wearing something blue. Tell us when you were first diagnosed, who/what motivates you and what your goals are! Tag a diabetic friend and let's share our stories and spread awareness! ... See MoreSee Less

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